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How to minimize infection from Xagent, the latest malware threat to OS X

Take these steps to protect your Mac from infection by the recently identified Xagent malware.
By Jesus Vigo
Happy belated Valentine's Day...your Mac has just been infected by malware!

In the latest compromise to macOS security, researchers have detected a new strain of malware called Xagent that is making the rounds and infecting Macs. Yes, you read that right: Macs are not oblivious to malware.


Think Apple computers are still malware immune? This new attack proves otherwise

A newly detected malware targeting macOS devices can steal passwords and capture iPhone backups. And it's coming from the same group believed to be responsible for the 2016 election hacks.
Mac computers don't fall prey to viruses and malware—at least that's been the prevalent myth surrounding them for the past few decades. For a long time that was true but now Apple's macOS devices control a higher share of the tech market, and that makes them a ripe target.


5 lessons IT can learn from 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

Rogue One isn't just a Star Wars story. It's an information security story.
"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" isn’t just a tale of scrappy rebels fighting against an evil Empire. With the issues it raises, including device authentication, asset management, and privilege control, it’s also a story about information security. Well, more like a cautionary tale.


Credit card scams drop off the top 10, while online purchase scams and phishing scams are new to the list

As a techsupport company we saw many examples of Tech support scam and Phishing scam. Don't trust those who claim they are calling your from Microsoft, Apple or others because your computer sending "so many errors reports" to them.