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Eres propietario de una empresa de éxito, y sabes cómo proporcionar los mejores productos y servicios a tus clientes.

Esto es lo que haces.
En realidad tienes que hacer frente a inesperados desafíos que no forman parte de tu estrategia empresarial, como por ejemplo la infraestructura informática.

Así es cómo podemos ayudarte.


#scam #money Beware of fake "free money" messages!

There is no such thing as free money. Especially like this (please see attachment)

This is to inform you that your Funds have finally been approved and ready to transfer by the West Africa Fund Monitoring Unit. Your funds will be transfer to you via MasterCard ATM which is cash able in any ATM machine or Bank anywhere in the world.


Beware of fake emails from BBB!

To all our current and potential clients- Beware of fake emails from "BBB"!
Today we've got this email:
This email has been automatically sent to you because we have got a complaint, claiming that your company is violating the The Safety and Health Act.
You can download the document with the explanation of abuse by following the link
We also ask that you send a short response in 48 hours to us. This message should contain info about what you plan to do with it.