@Intuit killing Intuit Payment Network

@Intuit killing IPN (Intuit Payment Network - https://ipn.intuit.com/ ). It will affect us, as well as thousands of other businesses- it was a very convenient way to accept AND send a payments for small business. Their http://payments.intuit.com/ (also known as http://merchant.intuit.com) not as much capable as IPN - interface is very confusing and NO ability to send a payment to the vendor. That's the great integrated feature (in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014, at least) - automatically creating payment link and auto-inserting it into invoice. Soon it'll turn into pumpkin- just like Cinderella's carriage (or was it a coach?).
Back in time- to double or even triple invoice entry (one- in QuickBooks, another- somewhere else, like a PayPal).
Intuit- that was a wrong decision.