Managed Services (MSP)

Did you ever heard about MSP or "Managed IT Services" and wants to find more? Here is a definition of IT service management.

IT Service Management is a very convenient and inexpensive way to have an IT support for your business. Instead of hiring one systems administrator you can hire the whole company (us, of course :) ). In general, Managed Services Provider (MSP) cost less, much more reliable (many IT engineers vs single systems admin) and very multi-talented. What are the chances that your only systems admin got sick, or quit, or doesn't have some qualifications? By signing up for Managed Services you are protecting your company's money and decreasing chances of failure. A lot.
We can support your workstations, servers, network equipment, printers, backups, VoIP, etc.
We will act as a liaison between you and software/ hardware manufacturers, ISP, VoIP provider.
We'll be there to help you.
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What is Managed IT?