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Without certain expertise, it can be extremely difficult for business owners to take care of all the aspects of IT management. We believe it is your job to take care of the core services of your business and this is why LilacMIst IT Services have an array of Managed IT services for you. Our packages are tailor-made based on the genre of business to suit your needs perfectly.

We have years of expertise in the field with an experienced professional and a reputation of using latest technology and industry-leading practices to deliver the best services to our client. Your perception of our service holds high value to us and we will not compromise on that in any way. Here’s a few types of Managed IT services that we can provide to our clients based on their requirements:

  • Cross platform migration- You can move your data without any hassle from any cloud environment to our server. The entire process is clean, quick and completely hassle-free as our experts take up all the responsibility.
  • Database management- Every company irrespective of their stature have a huge database to record everything about their business. Organizing and sorting these records is a huge task in itself but with LilacMist IT Solutions, it is no longer your headache. A team of certified database administrators will be providing the service and you get an overall robust performance as you can focus on the core tasks better.
  • SAP BASIS-Your entire SAP environment Lilac Mist is managed by professionals through BASIS support. The professionals will first understand your business requirement and then provide a comprehensive maintenance service that is tailored for your business.
  • Email Migration-Whether your email is hosted by any cloud or other platform, you can seamlessly migrate it to our server at LilacMist. Our prime focus is to guide you through the entire process to prevent any data loss.
  • Remote Infrastructure Management-The infrastructure of every company has a unique style and design. At LilacMist, we understand the requirement for customized service and this can be provided remotely by our professionals and results in boosted overall efficiency.
  • Backup and Recover-Whether your work flow is running in a physical or virtual environment, LilacMist ensure there is an accurate backup for all of it. Our backup and recovery services ensure optimum protection for all your data.
  • SOC Services-We can proactively monitor your cloud environment and detect any threat and vulnerability in real time when you are opting for our SOC Services.

So, get in touch with us today and with the help of LIlacMist IT Solutions from the top experts in the field, boost your company’s efficiency and productivity with a virtual workforce of IT specialists.


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