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Our Clients

We provide the services to a wide array of business owners across the world- the stature of the business and the niche is not a boundary for us. At LilacMist IT Services, we work with clients who are a one-person army as well as with those who have 2000+ employees. Our service packages are designed accordingly too keeping in mind the requirement of all types of clients. The primary focus for us is your satisfaction as the client and for that we have come up with a variety of services as well as tailored packages to meet your needs specifically. We can presently boast of our association with businesses in variety of niches like medical offices, transportation, hotels, retail business, insurance companies, financial companies, kids’ schools and learning centers, laboratories and many others.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our services are very specific and exactly what you want.
  • Equal attention is given to all the clients by the best people in this sector.
  • You can even get a dedicated team for your business alone, on-demand.
  • Long-term relationship with clients and a professional yet friendly approach.
  • Flexibility to understand and research your business niche, no matter how unconventional your field is.

In short, LilacMist IT Services continue to thrive and get loved by clients from various niches thanks to our persistence about constantly upgrading ourselves and our services. So, no matter what your business is about- if you need IT services, we are just a call away!


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