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Good business depends on good communication. From a simple instant message to an emergency meeting over audio or video medium can become crucial to decide the business productivity. The complexity of business communication and content sharing needs to be technologically superior and uninterrupted, without which the day-to-day business operation may hit a snag.

LilacMist IT Services ensures a seamless experience in internal and external communications through its services. We offer our services to establish a suitable personal and mass communication that covers the integral functions of business communication such as:

  • Source
  • Message
  • Channel
  • Receiver
  • Feedback
  • Environment
  • Context
  • Interference

Services that we offer

LilacMist IT Solutions offers the best in the market to its clients using superior technological tools to ensure a strong, uninterrupted and instant communication channel that is essential for good business productivity. Our services include the use of:

  1. Business VoIP software

This allows the client organization team members to make and receive calls from a vast array of devices including softphones, creating more employee flexibility. This service also includes online faxing.

  1. Video Conferencing

This allows team members to have a real time face to face interaction. This is ideal for personal and group meetings and content sharing.

  1. Project Management Software

Admins can use this software to assign tasks to team members easily, leading to strong team collaboration. Content sharing and workflow management are some of the basic benefits of this service.

  1. Team communication

LilacMist IT Solutions offer its clients a team communication facility through its services that allows interaction via chat and video easier, with the added benefit of real time document editing facilities.

  1. Customer support

Dealing with customers is most important, and we offer multiple channels to communicate with the customers via live support and automated response system ensuring faster resolution process.

  1. Social media management

Having a strong social media presence is important for business, and LilacMist IT Solutions offer just the tool the client needs to engage multiple social media platform at the same time to make posts, suggestions and an instant automatic response system.

  1. Mobile solutions

Optimizing the workplace via remote access is getting more and more important every day. With our mobile solutions in the IT infrastructure, the client organization is sure to receive multiple opportunities for business growth via operations optimization.

At LilacMist IT Solutions we understand the gravity of open communication between the clients and the company and through our services try to optimize that. To learn more about the different ways in which our services are provided, get in touch with us through our website or helpline number.


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