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Looking for business analytics solutions or business intelligence services? You need data services as a part of your IT solution package and this is exactly what you can get from LilacMist. We understand the vital role played by data in different types of business and hence have industry-specific data-related IT services to ensure you have all the information at hand to run your business smoothly. Since all your major decisions regarding the business are influenced by the data you have, it is elemental to choose a good data service solution.

Our wide range of data services includes data analysis, management of the database, prediction models built based on the data, and overall creating a complete support system that will backup all your business decisions. Our focus is to serve the client to the core and this extensive research and analysis are conducted by our experts.

Data Services that We Offer:

Here’s a list of services you get when you opt for the data services from LilacMist IT Services:

  • Predictive analytics- We help our clients to lead their business niche by providing data patterns and future trends which let them take the crucial business decision at the right time. With the help of our managed services, they can easily achieve this. Our predictive analytics services include content analysis, real-time scoring, machine learning, data mining and advanced analytics.
  • Data analysis application-The experts at LilacMist are trained to handle any complex issues related to data and IT. We help clients to gain direct insights from the raw data with the help of innovative database solutions which we develop based on the customer requirement.
  • Business Intelligence Services-BI or competitive Business Intelligence services are in high demand and we ensure you get this without any compromise through our certified experts. We help to develop effective strategies that help to minimize resource wastage and enhance risk management. We have an online analytical process, benchmarking, and business performance management tools to provide this specific service.
  • Data engineering- As the name suggests, we have a broad data solution that arms the clients with all types of critical insights through data science development services. We will take your opinion on all the tools and the framework that will help to empower and assist the on-site data science team.


So, if data services are the basic requirement and you want the best rates in the business without the service quality being compromised, get in touch with the representatives of LilacMist IT Services and our team will be there to assist you in every way.


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