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A high-end digital system requires adequate digital security. To provide protection against increasing cybercrime, company cybersecurity needs to be strong and adaptive. The security system needs to have the proper backing with cutting-edge technology and skill. Cybersecurity should be constantly evolving, to ensure the protection of data and computer systems of the client organization from hacking, viruses, malware and other threats.

Controlling and protecting data on and off the premises from cybersecurity threats requires a strategy that is the basis of LilacMist IT Solution. We assist you with detecting and responding immediately to a threat along with constant threat assessment and automation through the latest technologies. Our priority is to ensure a standard and provide end-to-end digital security solutions to a client as per their requirements, which include:

  • Advanced protection from malware
  • Network risk assessment
  • Constant monitoring and managing services
  • Cloud and data virtualization services
  • Managing security devices
  • Instant incident response service

LilacMist IT Solution excels at providing a complete package of data protection and security which can deliver guaranteed safe data-storing, controlling, and recycling without interruption. Professional services provided by LilacMist IT Solution include:

  1. Secure Cloud Storage Solution

Data protection reaches a new level where the possibility of securing data in cloud-space is offered, which can be store at convenience and will be available on-demand for handling.

  1. Delivering enterprise security with mainframe

Data privacy and encryption allow complete protection of sensitive data.

  1. Threat detection and response

Always alert intelligence to identify, mark and secure the risks from attacks and probes.

  1. Network Security

Complete protection of data and digital assets from cyber threats.

  1. Application Security

Keeping software and devices free from digital threats

The alarming number of data breaches is truly shocking, and as a professional digital security service provider, LilacMist IT Services strives towards perfecting security management for you and ensure your business is always protected from any kind of breaches.

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